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KyzenGroup are an ACTIVE TREATMENT Allied Health Provider. We look to EMPOWER and REHABILITATE our injured clients to a better sense of HEALTH and WELLBEING through the POWER of EXERCISE. Kyzen specialises in the PRESCRIPTION and delivery of EXERCISE and LIFESTYLE modification programs for those that have suffered an INJURY in the WORKPLACE and help those affected return to their FORMER SELVES.

Exercise Is Medicine

“KyzenGroup are dedicated to Work Conditioning and the successful Return To Work for every client through the utilisation of EXERCISE AS MEDICINE

Did You Know?

Research has proven that exercise at the correct intensity and duration not only improves quality of life – it also decrease the incidence of disease, chronic health conditions, diabetes and obesity

We Love What We Do!

We enhance all our clients quality of life through a focus on maximising overall strength, rebuilding resilience to repeat or daily tasks and by empowering our clients to function at their best independently.

KyzenGroup derives its name from the Japanese Philosophy “KAIZEN” meaning to strive for continuous improvement. We focus on what our clients CAN DO and not what they CAN’T DO and use this as motivation to improve their overall wellbeing through exercise.

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Active Treatment

Our aim is to shift those that have suffered an injury away from passive to active treatment in order to increase their physical limitations.

Communication Is Key

Kyzen will always deliver regular, informative, specific and relevant communication about injuries and progress without delay to keep you on the front foot.


We pride ourselves with the goals, plans and processes we put in place to ensure our client is ALWAYS moving forward, increasing their capacity for work and life.

What We Do

  • safe, effective, individual evidence based exercise physiology.
  • screen and risk stratification to ensure safe and appropiate exercise and physical activity intervention.
  • movement and capacity assessments
  • we look after people of all ages
  • we educate, give advice and offer support
  • utilise exercise intervention
  • clinical exercise prescription

Who We Help

  • patients who have suffered an injury in the workplace.
  • any form of musculoskeletal injury.
  • soft tissues injuries, niggles, slips, trips and falls.
  • we actively follow on from patients surgery in the acute phase after physiotherapy.
  • patients that need help with workplace manual handling techniques.
  • patients that require strategies for daily reptitive tasks at home and in the workplace.
  • patients with stagnant capacity restrictions in lifting, pushing, pulling, bending/twisting.

KyzenGroup: the next ACTIVE step in rehabilitation.