Work Conditioning

Structured work readiness programs and work conditioning programs as a resource is gaining more and more prevalence amongst the insurance community.

Partnering with Kyzen Group leads the way to promote:

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic Assessments: Are aimed to educate and guide workers to change to a correct posture in order to significantly decrease further risk of injury, ache and or pain.

KyzenGroup Brief Ergonomic Assessment:

Manual Handling Training

KyzenGroup speicalise in providing both one on one or group manual handling training within each individual workplace allowing for staff to be trained within their usual work environment using the actual equipment and tools they would normally be required to use in performing their daily tasks.

Task Analysis

At KyzenGroup we believe being able to keep people at work as part of their individual recovery is the most important aspect of successful Return To Work and that the Workplace IS the ultimate Work Conditioning site. We offer all aspects of developing specific workplace Task Analysis’s, Suitable

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Did you know???

In the year 2013 the GLOBAL cost of physical inactivity has been calculated at 67.5 Billion dollars (US) whilst in Australia for that year was 805 Millions Dollars